A Community Restoration Project

Red Hook, NY


gambrel roofThe Elmendorph Inn is the oldest public building in the Village of Red Hook, NY and one of the oldest in the Hudson Valley.  The original portion of the building was built in 1760.

The original roof line was gambrel - the roof of the white painted portion of the Inn shown in the photo at the right.  This photo was taken in 1992, half-way through the restoration of the Inn.

Extensive remodeling to the building was performed early in the 19th century.  Changes at that time consisted of raising the roof on the front of the building (no longer gambrel in the front), adding the south rooms and changing the windows to the more delicate Federal style.

The South Room was added circa 1803.  It has high ceilings, spacious dimensions and an elaborate Federal mantle.  This style suggests the room was intended for public gatherings as it is used today.  The chandelier in the South room is a handmade reproduction of a Hudson Valley example in a private collection.  The Windson chairs in the room were donated by community members.  Each bears a brass plaque under the seat listing the donor.

South Room of the Elmendorph Inn

The Parlor, the “Best” room in the Inn, has an elaborate mantle and was the only room with wallpaper on the walls.  This was probably a multi-purpose room: private dining, social gatherings or sleeping in adjacent chamber (now an office and bathroom).

The Parlor was part of the original c. 1760 building.  The door to South Room, added c. 1803, was originally a window.  The room was “Federalized”, possibly at the same time the South Room was added or slightly later.  The Federal mantle and fireplace replace an earlier, larger fireplace.  Not shown in the photo is a corner display of original wallpapers.  There are 12 layers of wallpaper; examples include a c. 1810 English wood block design and exceedingly rare French copper plate paper.  The floor boards are original northern yellow pine.  They were never painted. 

Middle Room
Parlor of the Elmendorph Inn

Furnishing throughout the Inn are antique or appropriate reproductions so rooms can be used by the community for events, meetings, dinners, exhibits or get-togethers.

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